Thursday, November 6, 2008


I suck at updating this!

My Warlock is sitting at two bars to dinging 57. I've been AHing everything in sight so that I can buy the riding skill at 60. I don't think I can come up with 500 gold in time. Oh well!

The 3.0.3 patch changes are alright. I do NOT like that they made the Dreadsteed quest obsolete. The Dreadsteed is now a trainable spell just like everything else. What next? Are all the demons going to be simply trainable and the in-game experience as well as the personal experience going to just go out the window? I am irritated.

If the quest is still doable I am going to do it. I missed out on so much mucking about with twenty thousand alts. I fully intend to do this quest chain and feel better for it. I will not be ex-mode lock of lulz! I have collected some of the mats and have talked with another warlock about using his reusable mats from his chain. Hopefully he will stick to his promise otherwise I will be out of luck and have to save even more gold. Do you know how hard it is for me to save gold when I love to buy things? This is a problem I have in real life too. lol

I got the achievement for finishing off Lower Black Rock Spire. The Dreadmist Bracers dropped for me! It was astonishing. I wasn't even aware of what they were. But when my group pressed them upon me I smiled. Yay me! Then I looked on the official website and realized... DUH! Dungeon One Warlock Set. One of two armor sets I have drooled over.

And then it hit me. I have sat and read about all the dungeons, raids, armor sets and wished I was high enough to experience more than just starter zones. But I just couldn't help but hop from alt to alt to server to server. But now, I have a character close to 60 and I am able to enter these zones, instances and soon raids(old school but raids nonetheless) that I have always thought about. I can collect the gear and run around and not be called a nub/loser/whatever because I'm only level -30.

And I am GOOD at what I do. I don't think I'm the best. But I am proud of my DPS and the way I can handle myself in most situations. I still kinda suck at PVP which is horrible being on a PVP server - when I am taken by surprise out in the world I usually die hard and quick, battlegrounds I can usually hold my own though. I was complemented on my ability and willingness to follow directions and asking questions if I didn't understand by the tank and the priest in my LBRS group. They talked to me about the possibility of raiding when I get higher. This is the second time this particular priest has mentioned raiding. I am flattered. I would love to raid. I would love to say, "Yeah, we just knocked down Kael last night." I would love it. But my schedule is tight and would get in the way of serious raiding. I'd love to be on their alt list though!

I have just discovered the awesomeness of WoWInsider. Yes, I am a tool for not knowing about it. I've heard about it but never paid much attention. All my resources and information I gather from wow_ladies on livejournal. They are an awesome group, for those that might be curious.

Oh! I almost forgot! I showed my noobyboobyness in LBRS by falling not once! but TWICE! into holes in the floor. The first time I got too excited about fighting and just ran forward... At least I was close enough to soak up the experience. I felt very foolish but no one yelled. The second time was on the dragon-y boss(yeah, I forgot his name) where I moved too far to the side and fell right as we downed him. I felt very foolish again.

Ah well. Noob happens!

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Illythia said...

I believe they still kept the dreadsteed questline in-game. I guess Blizz just wants to give people the option to skip out on the quest if they don't want to do it. Personally, I would opt to do the quest - no way I would want to miss out on all that lore! Good luck doing yours!

They did the same thing for the druid epic flight form, apparently. I was so bummed when I found out that they made it trainable, but someone on wow_ladies mentioned that they were still able to do the questline and I breathed a sigh of relief. :)