Wednesday, November 26, 2008

QQ ftl

I pay for my account through game cards I buy from my workplace. I get two months at once so that I'm able to pay bills and only have to worry about keeping up my habit hobby every five paychecks.

Today my time ran out. I knew it would soon. But today I do not have a game card to type in so I can happily finish my way to 70(I'm three bars from 65). So I am a little bummed and a little aggravated with myself. But RL>WoW and there are bills to be paid, food stuffs to be bought and other things to worry over that have nothing to do with my addiction fun play time.


I have been talking with my guild mates about raiding for the achievements. I am so addicted to getting as many as I can. I keep hearing different stories about all the raids being 10 or 25 mans now. Does this apply to the classic raids? I keep hearing that Onyxia is a 10 man but then some say it is still a 40 man. my little guild with our few higher levels can pull together a small raid but a ginormous 40 man? Yeah right!

I have to find out more information about this. Fortunately I get most of my answers from WoW Ladies on Livejournal.

Let's see... I have been having issues with all the Death Knights. I hate them. I love them but I hate them. There seems to be a huge amount of dumb Death Knight players. It's really annoying to get into a party and it's full of Death Knights. My little Warlock cannot stay alive entirely by herself, she tries and is generally successful(especially now that I've switched back to Affliction - Soul Link FTW!) but with four idiots running around pulling entire rooms full of elites?. No. And then the Alliance players who do nothing but gank. My body was camped yesterday while trying to complete a quest for Scryer's rep. Thankfully the idiot got bored and went to kill two basilisks while I sat in ghost form. I made sure he was busy, res'd hopped on my new Dreadsteed and ran away. I am really not that fond of Death Knights of either faction right now. Though I do love the starter area for them. Being evil is awesome.

Oh? I didn't talk about getting my Dreadsteed! I was all up for doing the quest despite it being trainable. I had all the easy parts completed I just needed to get into Scholomance and then Dire Maul West. I saved up 150 more gold just to buy all the reusable items myself since I was unable to get a Warlock that actually still has them. I gathered my guildies and an old leveling buddy and we headed off. In the middle of Scholo I realized I forgot my Imp in a Jar. WTF! I panicked, summoned myself and ran to the bank. BUT! I forgot there was a bank in Shattrath where I'm hearthed and ran all the way to Org. It took me one second too long to grab the Imp and click the summon button. I felt stupid. So stupid. And I was SO embarrassed to be such a dummy in front of my guild mates. So I messed up my quest. I messed up the day for my guild mates. Ugh, so horrible. I know we could have regrouped but I was so ashamed I just wanted to log out and forget about playing ever again. I'm a Drama Queen what can I say?

I sat, humiliated and embarrassed in Orgrimmar. I talked to another leveling buddy about what happened and he sympathized. I was totalaly disheartened. But in the end it was all figured out and I ended up just buying my Dreadsteed and canceling my quest. I replaced the Dark Iron a friend donated to me. I am out a couple hundred gold but all is well.

I love my guild leader and my guild mates. They rock. Even if some of them think I'm a complete ditz. :P

This was taken in Undercity because I love it more than any other Capitol. I may play a pretty Blood Elf but my allegiance is the to the Dark Queen and her Forsaken. :) I need to figure out some sort of storyline about that...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Fiday Five

Holy Crap on a stick I haven't updated in like...20 days. Almost 20. Still.

Since my last post Wrath has come out. I work at a retail store at night so I was able to see people line up for the release. I was to give a once over to the hotties and chat up one of my fellow coworkers who plays(who ultimately got me to get my own account and start playing again).

I saw guys that looked like the stereotypical WoW player. I saw two other females.

There were, sadly, no riots. My store only had 36 copies. I fully expected there to be angry shouts and whiners. But no. None of that.

Instead the lady who works that area pulled me aside after everyone was gone and showed me the very last copy we had. That did it. I was determined NOT to buy the damn thing but when shoved in my face... I fell for peer pressure. I bought it and installed it when I got home. So I have access to all the new content but I am too low to get there. Nice.

But right now I am sitting at 63. Instead of questing, I'm worrying over my gold and auctions. You see, I have most of my Dreadsteed Quest completed but I need 150 more gold so that I can buy the reusable quest items. I cannot find another Warlock with them. I know, I know I can just go buy the thing and the skill. But why should I when I have an epic quest waiting for me??

So that's about all I'm doing right now. I am going to start this Friday Five thing every Friday. If I can remember to do it. >.>

Friday Five:
1. I have completed the easy soloable parts of my Dreadsteed Quest. That was a lot of damn gold! I have a Paladin friend who has finished his mount quest. I helped him with a bit of gold. :) Where is he now?! lol

2. I have hit 63! My gear looks like a rainbow through up on it. lol I had heard this was going to happen once I hit Outlands!

3. I have begun a Secret Santa for my guild. They're such lovely people that I thought it would be a fun thing to do. :)

4. My guild has a website now! It's small and hardly anyone is signed up to it but that's okay. It's a website!

5. Most exciting of all!! Since a lot of us are hitting our 60s now we have started to think about raiding. Old School Raids right now. I hope we STAY casual because I couldn't handle hardcore raiding. This is truly exciting for me, though! I cannot wait until we actually start doing things!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Outlands Here I Come!

Yes, I dinged 58 today. I am so proud of myself. I explored two zones to get that last level just because I was bored of questing and dying while questing.

I was originally going to wait until I hit 60 but I got impatient. I still feel horribly behind everyone else, though. But at least I am here and getting squished by red Orcs and demons.

Now I get to listen to Kazzak screaming because someone irritated him. Now I get to wander around under a gorgeous sky. Now I get to be ganked by Alliance even more. It's exciting!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I suck at updating this!

My Warlock is sitting at two bars to dinging 57. I've been AHing everything in sight so that I can buy the riding skill at 60. I don't think I can come up with 500 gold in time. Oh well!

The 3.0.3 patch changes are alright. I do NOT like that they made the Dreadsteed quest obsolete. The Dreadsteed is now a trainable spell just like everything else. What next? Are all the demons going to be simply trainable and the in-game experience as well as the personal experience going to just go out the window? I am irritated.

If the quest is still doable I am going to do it. I missed out on so much mucking about with twenty thousand alts. I fully intend to do this quest chain and feel better for it. I will not be ex-mode lock of lulz! I have collected some of the mats and have talked with another warlock about using his reusable mats from his chain. Hopefully he will stick to his promise otherwise I will be out of luck and have to save even more gold. Do you know how hard it is for me to save gold when I love to buy things? This is a problem I have in real life too. lol

I got the achievement for finishing off Lower Black Rock Spire. The Dreadmist Bracers dropped for me! It was astonishing. I wasn't even aware of what they were. But when my group pressed them upon me I smiled. Yay me! Then I looked on the official website and realized... DUH! Dungeon One Warlock Set. One of two armor sets I have drooled over.

And then it hit me. I have sat and read about all the dungeons, raids, armor sets and wished I was high enough to experience more than just starter zones. But I just couldn't help but hop from alt to alt to server to server. But now, I have a character close to 60 and I am able to enter these zones, instances and soon raids(old school but raids nonetheless) that I have always thought about. I can collect the gear and run around and not be called a nub/loser/whatever because I'm only level -30.

And I am GOOD at what I do. I don't think I'm the best. But I am proud of my DPS and the way I can handle myself in most situations. I still kinda suck at PVP which is horrible being on a PVP server - when I am taken by surprise out in the world I usually die hard and quick, battlegrounds I can usually hold my own though. I was complemented on my ability and willingness to follow directions and asking questions if I didn't understand by the tank and the priest in my LBRS group. They talked to me about the possibility of raiding when I get higher. This is the second time this particular priest has mentioned raiding. I am flattered. I would love to raid. I would love to say, "Yeah, we just knocked down Kael last night." I would love it. But my schedule is tight and would get in the way of serious raiding. I'd love to be on their alt list though!

I have just discovered the awesomeness of WoWInsider. Yes, I am a tool for not knowing about it. I've heard about it but never paid much attention. All my resources and information I gather from wow_ladies on livejournal. They are an awesome group, for those that might be curious.

Oh! I almost forgot! I showed my noobyboobyness in LBRS by falling not once! but TWICE! into holes in the floor. The first time I got too excited about fighting and just ran forward... At least I was close enough to soak up the experience. I felt very foolish but no one yelled. The second time was on the dragon-y boss(yeah, I forgot his name) where I moved too far to the side and fell right as we downed him. I felt very foolish again.

Ah well. Noob happens!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

What's YOUR zombie plan?

Everyone has one. All you have to do is walk up to someone and ask, "What's your zombie plan?" And they know. What would you do if zombies attacked? Me? I'd run screaming and then get eaten along the way. I don't run very fast.

This World Event for the upcoming Expansion is crazy. At first i had lots of fun with it. I joined a couple of raids and zombified anyone who wanted and reeked havoc upon non-quest giving NPCs. I am out for fun but not to ruin the fun of others.

Today was a bit frustrating but I'll not QQ here about it. There are enough people complaining. I think this is a fun event. It fits perfectly with the Hallow's End holiday. Good Job Blizzard!

Orgrimmar out of all the Horde cities was hit the hardest I believe. At least on my realm. It is a veritable ghost town.

I don't think the residents of Orgrimmar had a very good Zombie Survival Plan.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Stormwind Invasion!

Okay, so not so much an invasion as a body hop fest for me and two of my guildmates Tuesday night. I made a post about it yesterday but Blogger decided to be stupid and not allow me to actually post.

It started out with a random person I was grouped with asking to run Stockades for the Achievement. I immediately jumped at the chance being the Achievement Whore that I am. However, that person bailed out and I was left still wanting to run into the Alliance capitol city. So I asked my guild. Three joined up with me. Yes, there were only four of us. And we were all under 60. Nice. The fourth amigo went offline at one point so we did it with only three of us. Woo!

There was a lot of dying and a lot of laughter. Why not? It was so incredibly crazy of us to storm Stormwind without a full party much less a full raid. And under 70? Madness! It was awesome. It's the crazy memories like these that is so excellent and make this game so worthwhile to me. Blahblah sentimental blabber. But it is. It's these goofy things that keep me playing. I am far too casual to be Hardcore and Serious all the time. Moar funeez plz kthxbai!

We made it into Stormwind and past all the guards and through the Trade district. But I had made an error in judgement and we ended up on the wrong side from the instance! Oops. So I took a moment to dance before I died and while waiting for my mates to run to their corpses. While dancing I was surrounded by Night Elves. Those crazy Elves! One of them decided to stealth right in front of me and then stab me in the back. What a party pooper!

But finally, after dying about a hundred times we made it! We rushed the instance and I was killed immediately. I'm squishier than my mates even when we're all naked but for our tabards! We ran the instance finally and got our achievements!

It was truly one of the best nights I've ever had in-game. Truly Epic Fun!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New name and ramblings

I admit I was rather hasty in my decision to make a blog. I didn't really like the name so I changed it. Twice. Now it's "pewpewbang." I am sure there is another blog out there with the title but that's what I'm naming this humble little one. I named it so because I play mainly casters/DPS and thought it appropriate for my game style.

So here we are barely a week in existence and already changing names. I am so impetuous.

Hopefully this name will stick. >.>

My little warlock is now level 48! I have a goal of level 55 before the expansion. I know, lame, but in order to actually succeed in leveling this time around I need to set myself small goals. Level 70 by expansion is overwhelming and would only dishearten me. I'd skip off to another alt in two seconds flat and skip to another and another and never get anywhere. I did that for far too long. I relish in my self-imposed title of Lowbie Queen but I don't want to stay perpetually under 70/80. Besides, I definitely want to roll a Death Knight on my server and I need to have at least one level 55. So there we go. Two birds, one stone.

I had a horrible experience in Sunken Temple the other day. The group started out fine. I was a little leery of the healer because she(I say she because it was a female toon) introduced herself as being a "l33t gamer" and how oh so awesome her gaming skills were. Okay? I don't care let's just get started. We finally do and we roam around killing everything.

We get to the part where we have to click on each statue in order to summon the boss in a certain order. The tank leads us to two statues. After the second one he tells me to stay and the rest to go with him to kill everything else. Uhm, why? He never did give me a real answer. Everyone else was disagreeing with his decision. But by the time they had spoken up they were off somewhere and I was too afraid of running into a group of elites to run after them. Besides, I have a HORRIBLE sense of direction when playing games. I got lot on the maps in the original Halo if that tells you anything.

I notice all the loot they are picking up, I'm not getting the XP NOR any of the drops. I usually pass on greens unless they would benefit me. I'm decked out in blue instance gear and my tailored items, so not much is an upgrade. A pair of green shoulders drop. The healer gets them. I wasn't irritated that the healer got them so much as that I hadn't even had the chance to roll fairly for them. I know she was after upgrade items so I didn't pitch a bitch about it. I was irritated to be ordered to stay behind missing out on rolls, XP and the cash. I know I could have amended the situation by running off to find them despite the fact that I would have gotten lost or found myself very dead. After the shoulders dropped I left party and hearthed. The healer messaged me and I explained why I left, "You guys obviously don't need my DPS so I'm gone. Have fun." She invited me back but saw that I had already hearthed. Oh well.

I would really like to know what the hell was in that tank's mind to leave me behind. I had only broken aggro once the shaman we were with had broken aggro several times. I don't know if that was a motivation or what. I kept the healer alive but pulling aggro off her when she over-healed. I am self-sufficient as a lock with healthstones and lifetap and I have my little bubble PvP trinket if I get into hairy situations. I know to run to the tank if things get out of hand. I may not have a 70 like everyone else but I try not to show my inexperience. I try not to be a twit. But apparently that's not good enough for some.

Better news: I love my guild. We're not particularly active but when we are we're a fun bunch. I hope things get more interesting and active because I'd love to organize runs into the lower dungeons wearing nothing but costumes or weird gear. I like these people. I just wish they would show up/talk more. :P